Daniel Mizyrycki

Lucy and Daniel

Daniel has been dancing Zouk since 2010 and has taken classes in Brasil and Argentina with Philip Miha, Edson Nakasone, Gilson Damasco, Renata Pecanha, Alisson Sandi and in California with Shani Mayer, Joel Beall and David Solomon. He has performed Zouk at Santa Barbara Solstice Parade 2011, various venues in San Francisco and at the 1st San Francisco Bay Area Kizomba Zouk Festival, and has participated in multiple international Zouk congresses and festivals including Sao Paulo(2010), San Francisco(2011-12), Buenos Aires(2011), Porto Seguro(2013) and Rio(1013)

Since Daniel discovered this beautiful dance in Sao Paulo, he has been promoting and studying it, and in May 2011, he started the first weekly Zouk practice in San Francisco at Symbolic Dance & Fitness. In October 2011, Lucy Walker and Daniel organized the first San Francisco Zouk student performance team that performed at "Salsa with Juan's Christmas party" and the Impala Lounge in SF. In 2012, he organized the San Francisco chapter of the International Zouk Flashmob that performed at the Impala Lounge and at the 1st San Francisco Bay Area Kizomba Zouk Festival

Daniel is now organizing the San Francisco International Zouk Flashmob 2013 at Atmosphere Lounge in San Francisco.

Lucy Walker


Brazilian Zouk (Rio-style) instructor, Lucy Walker, from Sydney Australia, is currently teaching and leading a Zouk Performance Team at Symbolic Dance and Fitness in San Francisco. Lucy has been dancing Rio style zouk since 2006 and has had the chance to study with some of the greatest names including Adilio Porto, Jamie Arroxa, Renata Pessana, Kadu and Larissa, plus Leo and Larissa and Gasper Ribeiro after being introduced to it by her first teachers Claudio and Monica (from Rio) in Sydney. She has also been influenced in her style by performing amazing Rio-style (partner and solo) and Neo-zouk (which is heavily influenced by Rnb) choreographies by Little Liz, Allan Dantos and Jamie Jesus. Lucy has also performed traditional lambada with Brazilian Fantasy Show in Sydney and China. From Zouk Congresses in Brisbane, Rio and London, she also became familiar with Porto-Seguro-Style zouk Lambada(which is very close to the original lambada) and these experiences highlighted to her the need for versatility as a follower and re-inforced to her the great importance of constant connection.

Within the past year, Lucy has taken her love of zouk&dance world-wide - she performed zouk lambada on the streets of both Cuba and Brazil, visited the French caribbean (home to 'zouk-love' music and dance) and even taught daily dance classes to disabled children in a south-Indian Orphanage. With a background in gymnastics and sports acrobatics and a regular yoga practise of many years, Lucy has also trained as a teacher of acrobatic yoga and is a private flexibility coach, and includes a thorough warm up to prepare the body in all of her zouk classes. With over ten years experience as a street Latin dancer, (performing a wide variety of styles), as well as a year and a half of full-time dance training (ballet, contemporary, Jazz, etc), Lucy Walker has become a versatile and vibrant performer and an insightful teacher.